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Celsior's mission is to deliver quality products and performance solutions. On top of our product selection, we also work closely with industry professionals and partners to deliver a broader range of refrigeration solutions and products.
Learn more about Celsior Germany partners and their offerings.


Since 1980, Afinox has been an Italian and international specialist in the design and production of high technology equipment for the HORECA industry. The company's portfolio also includes equipment for food refrigeration. From refrigerated cabinets, blast chillers, display cases, food islands, refrigerated tables, and pizza prep counters, Afinox offers customers complete lines for the preparation and presentation of food in a variety of applications: restaurants, hotels, catering, pastry shops, fast food chains, canteens, and petrol stations. One of their latest cutting-edge technology is 1Hundred, a single equipment to "cook & chill" to improve workflow and adapt the kitchen environment according to customer needs.


Mondial and Framec have more than 60 years’ experience in the field of professional refrigeration, with a presence in more than 20 countries. Their product line caters to sectors such as ice & pastry, markets, wine, beverage, kitchen & catering, as well as medical.


Founded in Esbjerg, Denmark, Vestfrost Solutions is a global manufacturer of innovative and efficient refrigerators & freezers. Today, Vestfrost Solutions' two factories are producing cooling equipment for five different segments: Biomedical, Cold Chain, Merchandising, Food & Beverage and Wine.